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City Vision Word Map

City Vision's Annual Report 

Attached you will find our 2013 Annual Report. If you have trouble opening the document, please email us and we will send a copy to your inbox. Also, if you have any questions or comments about the information presented in our report, please let us know.

2013 Annual Report

Welcome To Our New website!

Please take a look around and tell us what you think. If you see something we should add or change, tell us HERE. We're happy to serve our community.

What Is City Vision?

City Vision is an overarching organizational umbrella for resources and entities that wish to serve the people of Federal Way.

City Vision is a platform that provides means for different organizations to be brought together, mobilized, and encouraged to be a common voice for the good of Federal Way and its citizens.
City Vision is a place to network and build bridges of relationship and service, and encourage unity in our city.

City Vision is not a provider of services.  It is a venue for: 

-  discovering resources and need,
-  merging services and resources with need, 
-  building greater awareness of need and resources,
-  bringing benefit to the community, 
-  fundraising. 
City Vision's council and board will steer and manage proposals and ideas, and offer advice to organizations. However, it will be the people (membership) who will drive projects and establish City Vision's collective voice.

How We Came To Be -

The City of Federal Way Human Services Division gave birth to City Vision through a World Café in March 2010. 

The World Café listened to the concerns of our citizens, and began to form an organization that could respond to the needs in Federal Way.  

We realized early on that we needed to be more than another faith-based community organization. We needed to engage all sectors of our city from the faith-based communities, human services providers, business sectors, civic organizations, city leadership, and community at large, if we were to make a difference in Federal Way. Our goal was to break down the barriers and silos presently isolating resources from need, and build a pathway for collaboratively connecting resources with need.  We learned that there are many different resources available but not an easy way to connect to them. 

And then City Vision came-to-be. 

What City Vision Offers: 

City Vision offers a common place for Service Organizations, Businesses, Faith Communities, Civic Clubs, and the community-at-large to work on issues collaboratively, breaking down silos and work together on common issues that will benefit our city.  

City Vision is that place and the catalyst for change in our community for the common good.  

We call it “connecting the dots”.